Lebanese Flower: hummus, kababs, and crowds

IMG_5564If you’re hungry for baba ghannouj, hummos, and succulent kababs, Lebanese Flower is one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular restaurants for traditional Middle Eastern food outside a five-star hotel.

On any given weeknight, there is a steady stream of customers filing into this popular Lebanese joint, which is located across from a dense collection of cell phone shops on a busy stretch of road in the UAE capital. Outside, the open-air patio section is almost too full to find a tablel. Servers with glowing baskets of shisha coals carefully weave around the droves of customers, balancing fresh coals atop the bubbling pipes. It’s the same on the street too; waiters clutching plastic takeaway bags dash to a long row of double-parked cars to hand out ‘drive-thru’ orders before quickly scribbling arriving cars’ new orders.

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