How to find Cholula in the Middle East

Cholula is one of the best and most versatile hot sauces on the market.

Branded as the “flavorful fire,” Cholula isn’t actually all that fiery. The Mexican hot sauce registers a measly 1000 on the Scoville scale (a single jalapeño pepper can be up to ten times hotter).

But Cholula, with its blend of mild pequin and arbol peppers combined with herbs and vinegar, is a must-have for any pepper lover.  That little bottle with the famous wooden top goes well with just about anything – eggs, pizza, salads. Cholula is perfect when you want flavor and not a lot of burn.

The only problem with Cholula?  It’s hard to find outside of North America.

That’s where Fuddruckers comes in.

image Fuddruckers is one of the many American-style hamburger chain restaurants that have exploded onto the dining scene across the Persian Gulf in the past decade. On a weekend late lunch at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall, it can be nearly impossible to get a seat without reservations. By the time dinner rolls around, there’s a line of no fewer than ten people waiting for a table. In a country home to the world’s tallest building and that views itself as having the biggest and the best of everything, it’s perhaps no wonder that a restaurant claiming to have the “world’s greatest hamburgers” would be so popular.

“It’s one of the most popular places in the mall,” says restaurant manager Yaseer Moneim, an Egyptian who’s been working with the brand in Abu Dhabi for the past seven years.

With the crowds, the noise, and the waiting time, the this is not the place to go for a calm dining experience. But here’s one good thing about Fuddruckers: it serves imported bottles Cholula.

image “Cholula is one of the most popular sauces we serve,” says Moneim.  “And many people come here just to have it.”

More good news: Fuddruckers in Abu Dhabi also sells bottles to its customers. You can just walk up to the restaurant and buy a bottle without actually sitting down to eat.

It costs 23 dirhams (around $6.25) per bottle. But the timing has to be right. At Marina Mall, the restaurant will only sell Cholula by the bottle if they have enough stock in reserve. And even then, according to staff, Fuddruckers only sells one bottle per person per visit.


Address: Fuddruckers in Marina Mall, Breakwater Corniche Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 4 437 0203
Price: $
Camels Fire: red_chili_pepper

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