Finding Momo: Nepal Palace Restaurant

IMG_7758It’s easy to become disoriented in downtown Abu Dhabi’s Madinat Zayed neighborhood, a bustling area of mini-blocks and narrow streets crammed with cars, people, and every type of storefront imaginable, from mobile phone kiosks to one-room laundromats to curtain rod wholesalers.

It’s also easy for a new shop or restaurant to go unnoticed in the fray.

Unless you’re from Nepal and searching for authentic momos, that is. Recently, the capital’s sizable community of Nepalese cab drivers have been congregating in this neighborhood, chatting in the streets about a new restaurant that opened just a few weeks ago, filling a much-need gap when the nearby Nepalese Curry House closed earlier this year.

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From Russia, to the Gulf, with Love

Photo Apr 03, 22 19 19

In a small square adjacent to the Russian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, there’s a one-room restaurant that could be your Russian grandmother’s kitchen or sitting room. If you had a Russian grandmother. Who lived in the narrow back streets of Abu Dhabi.

Welcome to the Russian Kitchen, Abu Dhabi’s only restaurant dedicated to serving homemade food from Eastern Europe.

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