Bu Tafish: Oldest seafood restaurant in the UAE

Photo May 30, 21 15 29If you’re looking for local cuisine with culture and flare in the United Arab Emirates, look no further than Bu Tafish, an independently-owned Emirati seafood restaurant in downtown Abu Dhabi. It opened in 1968 – three years before the seven emirates united to form a country – making it one of the oldest restaurants in the UAE. Continue reading

Dockside indulgence in Abu Dhabi

20140518-224014-81614307.jpgThe sea port on the northern edge of Abu Dhabi is lined with fish sellers, cargo storage facilities, and wooden fishing dhows – perhaps not where you’d expect to find a restaurant with one of the best and widest selections of Emirati food in the UAE’s capital.

But Al Arish, an Emirati seafood restaurant along the docks, is all about unique surprises.

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