The 10 hottest chili peppers in the world

Think you can stand the heat of the hottest chili pepper in the world? Even if you love spicy chili burn, you may meet your match with one of these peppers:

10. Rocoto
A Peruvian pepper that registers 175,000 Scoville Heating Units (SHUs). It’s known in Peru as ‘the apple’, though people who’ve eaten it accidentally thinking it was fruit describe it as anything but. “I never could have imagined that this was going to make me cry and barely breathe, with my mouth on fire,” said this man.
Peru Delights

9. Orange Habanero
This garden-variety hot chili pepper can be easily found at most grocery stores or farmers’ markets. But just because the orange habanero is widely available doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a serious punch. This pepper registers 250,000 SHUs, and fresh orange habanero salsa bought in a Mexican restaurant often comes with a heat warning from the server.
Biofruits Haiti

8. Scotch Bonnet
The Scotch Bonnet is a Caribbean chili pepper and one of the main ingredients in traditional Jamaican jerk sauce, a flavorful brown rub for barbecue chicken. It measures 350,000 SHUs and is searingly hot. Watch this man’s tongue burn soon after biting into a scotch bonnet.
Hot Scotch Bonnet Peppers -3

7. Red Savina Habanero
This is an extremely hot pepper measuring 500,000 SHUs, neary double the standard orange variety. “It’s ridiculously hot,” said one reviewer as he ate a red savina habanero. Shortly after saying that, he started involuntarily drooling from the mouth. “When you first swallow it, you get that punch in the throat,” he said. Punch in the throat?

6. Chocolate Habanero
This pepper may look like a tiny piece of candy or delicate fruit. But don’t be fooled by its deceptively sweet appearance. Chocolate habaneros, known as the ‘black Congo,’ are twice as fiery as their orange relatives, registering an extreme 700,000 SHUs. Nothing dainty about this pepper.

5. Red 7 Pot
When you eat a Red 7 Pot, the pain first hits you in the cheeks. Then it moves to your tongue, the roof of your mouth, and it eventually works its way into the back of your throat. That’s when the coughing begins. The Red 7 Pot (780,000 on the Scoville heat scale) is “seven part brain strain,” said this reviewer. And panting for air apparently doesn’t help. Eventually, the man reviewing the Red 7 Pot starts crying. And shaking. “I’m going to regret [eating] that later,” he babbles.

The Chile Foundry

4. Bhut Jolokia
Wonder what it feels like eating an insanely hot chili? One that registers 1 million SHUs? Just watch this video of a man writhing in pain minutes after sampling the Bhut Jolokia – a.k.a. the Ghost Pepper – a chili that grows in northern India. “It feels like I ingested a flame into my throat!” the man screams. Thirty minutes later, he’s in a fetal position telling friends to take him to the hospital. Now that’s hot.

3. Trinidad Scorpion
Known as the ‘Butch T’, the Trinidad Scorpion is a close relative of the hottest chili pepper in the world. The Butch T, which originates in Trinidad and Tobago, takes its name from the pepper’s pointed end, which resembles the tip of a scorpion’s stinger. It registers 1.5 million SHUs – earning it the bronze medal for hot peppers of the world.

2. Chocolate 7 pot
The Chocolate 7 pot, or the ‘Douglah’, measures 1.8 million SHUs. That’s more than 300 times hotter than a jalapeno. It just looks like a mean pepper. The Chocolate 7 pots have a distinct flavor, lots of seeds, and kicks in with a vengeance, according to this taste-tester. It is also “the scariest pepper I’ve ever had in my hands,” he said, sighing as he strained for breath after swallowing it.
Chili Pepper Madness

1. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Meet the hottest chili pepper on the planet. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion – even its name is scary – registers a staggering 2 million SHUs, which is about 7 times the burn of a normal habanero. That’s enough heat to cause “ferocious burning sensations for 20 minutes or more,” according to Paul Bosland of New Mexico State University’s Chili Pepper Institute. Don’t even be in the same room with this one.
New Mexico State University

SOURCE: The Chile Pepper Institute

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